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Q&A on Periodontal Disease

Do your gums ever bleed? Do you have swollen gums or are they sensitive to the touch? Many people don’t realize that these are common signs of periodontal disease.¬†When plaque and tarter build up on your gums, the build up can cause them to inflame. When you scrub them with your toothbrush it can cause…

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When it Comes to Flossing, There's No Excuse

Flossing is the most important habit for maintaining optimal dental health, but it’s a habit that seems easy to put off “until tomorrow.” However, orthodontist in Klamath Falls, OR Dr. Neil Walle encourages his patients to floss. The Importance of Flossing Flossing can often be an afterthought, especially once we’re done brushing our teeth. But…

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Benefits of Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs which are often called x-rays are an essential part of your dental care. Many patients come into our office and wonder if they really need an x-ray. X-rays can help dental professionals provide outstanding care. A dental radiograph can give your dentist get a picture of your hard tissues (which is the teeth…

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