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Individualized Periodontal Treatment

First Periodontal Visit

Your initial visit to see Dr. Lee at Klamath Falls Dental Specialists allows us to get to know each other and determine what you hope to accomplish with your individualized periodontal treatment.

During this visit, Klamath Falls periodontist Dr. Lee will evaluate your needs regarding periodontal treatment and answer questions that you may have. Dr. Lee’s staff will work with each patient to determine fees and payment options before treatment begins.

There are a few important issues that Dr. Lee reviews during the initial periodontal examination with each patient, including:

  • What are the periodontal treatment needs?
  • How long will the treatment take to complete?
  • What are the patients goals for this treatment?

Digital x-rays are generally completed or received from your general dentist before periodontal treatment is started. Dr. Lee will review your dental and medical history and complete an initial examination of your mouth.

Dr. Lee and her entire team at Klamath Falls Dental Specialists are committed to compassionate care, and understand that there could be anxiety associated with periodontal treatment. Dr. Lee takes the time to explain her treatment recommendations, addressing her patients’ concerns and answering any questions. Together, you and Dr. Lee will decide the best treatment options to reach your goals for periodontal health.

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